OK 53.68 7016-1 (Low Hydrogen)

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ESAB VACPAC OK 53.68 AWS: 7016-1 (Low Hydrogen)


1. OK 53.68 7016-1 2.5MM

2. OK 53.68 7016-1 3.2MM

Overview of ESAB VACPAC OK 53.68

OK 53.68 is an extra high quality electrode especially useful for unidirectional welding, especially where stringent requirements exist, for example, in offshore and where highly-stressed pipe structures are present. OK 53.68 is more light-welded than the OK 48. Series series, less short-circuits, welding warmer than those on plus pole, and better on minus pole. When welding the bottom strings into pipe joints, the electrode is advantageously connected to the minus pole, which facilitates the control of the joint welding. The following strings are welded with the electrode connected to the plus pole. OK 53.68 is CTOD-tested.

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