Filarc 76S E7018 (Low Alloy)

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FILARC 76S AWS: E7018-G (Low Alloy)

i.  FILARC 76S 7018-1 2.5MM X 300MM

ii. FILARC 76S 7018-1 3.2MM X 300MM

iii. FILARC 76S 7018-G 5.0MM X 450MM

Overview of 76S 7018

CTOD-tested, all-positional, basic AC/DC electrode with 100% recovery for offshore fabrication (diameter 4.0 and 5.0 mm 115%). Alloyed with max 1%Ni. Good CVN toughness down to -60°C. CTOD tested in the AW and SR conditions. BS4360-50D steel and similar grades. Satisfactory CTOD results eliminate stress relieving for joints up to approx. 50 mm plate thickness. Many approved welding procedures available. Use short arc. Weave slowly when permitted. DC+. Use DC- for root passes.


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