Ador 309L-16 (Stainless Steel, Heat Resistant Steel)

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ADOR 309L-16 AWS: E 309L-16 (Stainless Steel, Heat Resistant Steel)
Available Sizes:
1. ADOR 309L-16 6KG 3.2MM
Top Features :
  • Rutile type coating
  • High ferrite content for highest resistance to cracking
  • Low dilution on mild and low alloy steels due to higher alloy content
  • Extra low carbon 23/12 type deposit
  • Exhibit excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance upto 1100°C
  • Suitable for all position
  • Radiographic quality welds
Typical Applications :
  • Dissimilar joints between stainless steels and low alloy or carbon steels
  • Welding of AISI 309, 309L type steels
  • For buffer layer on low alloy and carbon steels
  • Joining corrosion resistant clad steels